Highland Beauty

I've always loved Cape Breton, truly. It's unfair that I don't give it much public love, cause I am, and always will be, obsessed with New Zealand. Cape Breton feels more like home than Halifax sometimes. Especially since my parent's moved away, and the cottage is the only place where the four (now five) of us get to hang out as a family. My brother & I both rent in Halifax and neither of us have spaces big enough (or own) our own spaces for us all to hang out here. For the first since I was a kid, I spent two full weeks up there with Ian & my fam & all the many guests we had coming and going! My newfound determination after being in NZ, was to get out at sunrise (who are we kidding it rises at like 6 no way sista) or sunset! Fortunately I made it out for sunset quite a bit.. and even some midday photos when a storm at sea rolled through leaving our water looking like the tropics for a day!! Enjoy :)

We went to this next location during the day and I was so blown away I had to go back for sunset. When we did... oh man, it sunned on us, rained on us, the wind nearly blew us away, but the clouds were ever changing due to the moody conditions and it made for a spectacular show!