Hey there! First post :) There will be many more to come as I update you with sessions from the last year! I’m happy to finally have this website up and running and to be getting a start with the business after returning to Canada a few weeks ago! 

For those who don’t know me, you can check out my About Page, and keep reading here! ;) My husband, Ian, and I, just returned from an overseas trip to New Zealand and Australia! Our plan was to stay permanently in New Zealand, but it doesn’t appear to be in the cards for us right now. So we are happily setting up shop in Halifax, and can't wait to get back to shooting people (the good kind of way!!). 

For now, I’ll post some of my favourite photos from New Zealand - which is actually an incredibly hard task. It is seriously the most beautiful, magical place in the world! Check back from some blogs of sessions to come :)