Brock & Chelsey: Maternity

Many of you probably know by now that we're great friends with Brock & Chelsey. I met Brock when I was like.. 5 or something, and Ian & Brock met in high school and rekindled their friendship when Ian & I started dating. I've had the pleasure of knowing Brock & Chelsey right back when they became B&C. I can still remember Luke cracking a joke about her last name (called her heavy arm or something) in our kitchen in our old house in Bedford the first night Brock brought her over to introduce her to the family. Fast forward a few years, they got engaged - and I did their engagement photos! Which was like... 6 years ago now! They were my first engagement session and the first people who inspire portrait and people photography in me. Fast forward again, they get married! Pretty young, they were among the first. Fast forward again - Brock is the best man at our wedding shortly after they bought their first house! And now, here are some maternity photos of them, expecting their first baby! It makes me feel old, to watch a journey like that. But honestly, it's the most special thing - to have friendships that you watch and grow with over the years and in the different seasons of life. I bet they'll have the cutest baby and I will definitely hang out with it when it's 8 (ha ha - if you know me you'll know I'm terrified of kids and activity avoid physical contact with a small human being until they're old enough to be introduced to Lord of the Rings). But seriously - cheers to your newest season of life, Ian & I love you guys and are so excited for you!