Lightfoot in Wolfville: Katie & Duncan

So obviously this one is extra special cause it’s my bff!!! Many of you know, I’ve known Katie since I was 7. It’s super special, having gone through nearly all walks of life with her, to be such a integral part of this walk of life for her. The engagement session is extra cool cause we went to lightfoot in wolfville and had a picnic!! Which despite the cute photos of the two of them, Ian and I actually ate with them hahaha. Duncan doesn’t enjoy having his photo taken, so it was a neat idea to do something actually quite fun while taking photos! Plus they had an epic sunset.

Kaitlyn & Cisco: A Dartmouth Wedding

Kaitlyn & Cisco had such a beautiful day. It was my first time showing up only a few minutes before the ceremony which was a different experience for me! And what a party!!! Man do their friends and family know how to make a dance floor look absolutely LIT! I mean, their bridal party of 32 people could have done that on their own!! The size of their bridal party, the amount of people who spoke, the amount of people who came - it is truly a testament to how great, and how loved these two are! Plus they have themselves a beautiful little family. We wish these two all the best in their future!!

Ocean Engagement: Alyssa & Alex

I love everything about this session!! Fantastic people, looked as cute as buttons, the perfect weather, the perfect location!! I've known Alex for years and Alyssa more recently, and we cannot wait to shoot their wedding in Mexico!! I hope & imagine it will be similar to this hehe. Maybe warmer water and less mosquitoes?? 

Megan & Tate: Engagement Session

Megan and Tate were champs. To say the least!! From the moment we arrived at location til the moment we left, we were swarmed by THOUSANDS of mosquitos. Like... it's the first time I've brought my hand down to kill one and had 4 dead on my hand in one shot lol. I had 46 bites on just my right leg!! We spent most of the time in the ocean to avoid them, and these two made it all look so easy!! They're one of our first local wedding of next year, and we can't wait to celebrate with them!

On the Water: Tiffany & Colin's Halifax Boat Wedding!

This wedding was one of my highlights for sure! Perfect weather, perfect couple, perfect day! I preach to my brides that you get out of your wedding photos what you put in! And Tiff NAILED it. Cute outfits, stunning gals, gorgeous dress, plenty of time for photos! It was the best day. We arrived to the ceremony by sailboat which was super cool and what a better what than that is there to start your day?! Just Tiff and her bridesmaids + dad having some champagne, enjoying the sunshine and ocean breeze on the way to marry the love of her life! And love, so much love. So many beautiful speeches about these two, and what wonderful people they are. And and, they sure know how to throw a party. These guys danced like no one else this season!! It was epic. Everything about their day was epic!