Jennalee & Matthew: Beach Engagement

I've known Jennalee since primary! I left the school and re-met her in high school! And we quickly became friends. I remember hanging out on the rooftop of her family home, driving around in my car, taking lots of photos (funny what I went on to do?) and I also distinctly remember her being the first person to help me with my eyebrows! Which is hilarious but talk about a saving grace hahaha. Other than bumping into her at the gym I hadn't had the chance to hang out with Jennalee in a few years! Needless to say, there's always a good reason for becoming friends with people, and every time I see her again I'm reminded! It's been cool to see her every now and again and see how much life has changed and yet how much she has grown, and somehow gets more beautiful every time I see (seriously, teach me your ways).

And this time, I got to meet her fiancee! Who, after only spending one evening with, is a top notch guy! Ian & I see a lot of ourselves in them which naturally makes us like them even more ;) They love to travel - and got engaged in Scotland!!! Which I could go on a side rant of how cool that is but I'll spare you all - and they have an adorable golden retriever, Atlas, and they both know exactly what they want! Which, granted, where Ian is concerned, at least I know what I want there. They've got my favourite type of love story, and it's true that when you know, you know. These guys know, they were so comfortable and easy with one another I didn't have to do anything but follow them around and take their photo. Their love is super evident, which I love. These might have been dark, gloomy, grey skies that didn't show off at all - but these guys made these photos beautiful anyway. We are so excited for their wedding next year!