A Halifax Wedding: Jason & Courtney

Jason & Courtney have one of my favourite types of love stories: the fast one. I love it when you meet a couple, and they knew what they wanted and went for it. Could be that 7% of me that's risky and wishes it was more. They met, dated, got engaged, and married all in just around a year-ish. Which I love!! I know it's not for everybody, but I do love a go getter. I love the weddings and the type of love that make you laugh and smile when you're around it. Sometimes I get so in the zone when I'm shooting I don't pay much attention, but I found myself listening in on their vows and their speeches. The things they had to say to one another (wrote their own vows - another huge fav thing of mine!!) and the things people said about them made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Hopefully these photos give you a glimpse into all that emotion on their wedding day!